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  • ISGAN | 2012.11.12 11:16 | Hit 4282
    Dear ISGAN ExCo Colleagues, Observers, and Interested Parties:

    I hope this finds you well! 

    On behalf of the ISGAN Annex 5, the Smart-Grid International Research Facilities Network (SIRFN) (http://www.iea-isgan.org/c/2/27/61), you are invited to attend a workshop on December 3rd, 2012 from 12:00 to 18:00 in Berlin, Germany to discuss SIRFN research activities and set milestones for making progress in implementing the SIRFN Annex. Please find attached the draft agenda for the workshop, as well as the Annex text and a summary presentation from the ExCo meeting in Nice. For those of you that were in Nice, recall that I mentioned this workshop during the meeting. 

    A portion of the discussion will be dedicated to advancing SIRFN work on test protocols for grid-facing functions of solar PV inverters. These protocols A draft of the test protocols was recently distributed to SIRFN Annex participants for review and comment. To find out more on these protocols, please contact Charlie Hanley with Sandia National Laboratories (cjhanle@sandia.gov). The discussion of these protocols at the workshop is meant not only to advance work on this particular topic, but also serve as a "proof in concept" for other future SIRFN work. 

    The workshop precedes the 5th International Conference on Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources (http://www.conference-on-integration-2012.com/) in Berlin, Germany. We strongly encourage you to register for the conference as well.

    There will be a fee of €50 for the SIRFN workshop and working lunch , payable at the door by cash, check or credit card. Questions about the meeting and fee can be directed to Kevin DeGroat (kdegroat@antares.org, 301-789-7768). 

    All are welcome to attend. You do not need to be an official participant in Annex 5 to participate in this workshop! In fact, we encourage outside participation. However, please note that the meeting has limited space. Please register as soon as possible and RSVP to this e-mail with your name, organization and contact information if you plan to attend. Pre-registered and invited participants will have priority for seating.

    You can keep up to date on the conference website: http://www.conference-on-integration-2012.com/programme/workshops-tours.html.

    I hope you can join us in Berlin next month!

    Best regards,

    Russell Conklin 
    Policy Analyst, U.S. Department of Energy 
    Vice Chair, Executive Committee, International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN)
    russell.conklin@hq.doe.gov +1 202 586 8339