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Webinar | Cybersecurity for Smart Grids, September 11, 2017

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Dear All, 


Annex 8 of the International Smart Grids Action Network would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming webminar of the ISGAN Academy “Cybersecurity for Smart Grids: Technical Approaches to Provide Cybersecurity”, which will take place on September 11th, 2017.


To find out more about the webinar and to register please see the link in the email below.




ISGAN Secretariat 

Connecting Energy Technologies, Policies and Markets.   

 Leonardo Energy ISGAN Academy  

Cybersecurity for Smart Grids: Technical Approaches to Provide Cybersecurity  


WEBINAR COURSE (in real time)  

11 Sep 2017 @ 15:00 CEST   

(check your local time)  

Duration: 1h  


 Register now    


Dear Jose,

This Cybersecurity webinar, the second in a series, addresses issues of importance to executive, technical, and academic professionals involved with managing and protecting Electric Utilities and Smart Grids worldwide.

Technology and market challenges will be addressed, followed by cybersecurity approaches (including those used in Europe and US) and best practices. Three case studies, and legal and regulatory constraints, for architecting smart grids in a secure way also will be presented.

Enroll now for this webinar.

Kind regards, 
Fernando Nuño 
The Leonardo ENERGY team

Copper Alliance Initiative  

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European Copper Institute 
Avenue de Tervueren 168 b10 
B-1150 Brussels - Belgium 
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