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Webinar | Graph and Deep learning for Industrial Networks Efficiency

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Dear all, 


India Smart Grid Forum is organizing a Webinar on ‘Graph and Deep learning for Industrial Networks Efficiency ’ on 20th September 2017 at 5pm IST.


Registration Link

Presenters :


  1. Arnaud de Moissac


Arnaud de Moissac has a background in electrical engineering and data treatment techniques. Former head of Energy Efficiency at S.F.R, one of the largest European TelCo companies, he then shifted his career towards R&D activities. Arnaud has then overseen a large variety of topics such as signal treatment, IT architecture, Graph theory, Infrastructure management software, etc. In 2014, Arnaud decided to incorporate DCbrain, a software company using Graph to transform raw data sets into data streams. 


  1. Thomas Bibette

Thomas Bibette has a research Master in business environments and geopolitics. After a first successful experience in the international development of a biotech startup, Thomas got his MBA from the Sorbonne Graduate Business School and now helps Arnaud with the international expansion of DCbrain. 


About DCbrain:

DCbrain is a 3.5 years old French start-up, originated at the Telecom Engineer school, it is now located at Station F, the world's largest incubator. Member of the French AI cluster, DCbrain's technology has been awarded many times over, notably by ENEDIS, Europe's largest DSO and by Total, one of the world's oil major. DCbrain's unique technological approach places the company at the heart of the energy revolution, as our digital twins are designed to help network managers deal with the ever growing complexity in the flows running through their infrastructures. DCbrain is currently working on a large variety of smart-city related topics for its large industrial customers such as PV micro grid for Vinci, Biogas injection for GRDF, energy efficiency for Areva, etc. DCbrain is also involved in the REIDS program of Singapour and as well in the PNDC smart-grid demonstrator of Glasgow.






Graph and deep learning for industrial networks efficiency

Join us for a webinar on Sep 20, 2017 at 5:00 PM IST.

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