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Annex 1: Smart Grid Inventory

Annex 1: Smart Grid Inventory

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Many participating ISGAN countries are already developing, demonstrating, testing, and deploying smart grid technologies and systems, drafting policies and implementing regulations to advance smart grids, assessing current and projected transmission and delivery infrastructure needs, evaluating demand-side practices, and measuring other aspects of smart grids. In addition, many bilateral and regional cooperative efforts have been launched featuring smart grid as a significant or principal focus. The objective of this activity is to identify countries’ specific motivating drivers for pursuing smart grids, catalogue the wide range of smart grid activities underway, and collect and organize the wealth of experience being generated into a resource available first to ISGAN Participants and then a global audience. The ENARD Implementing Agreement has already started similar inventory work, through its Annex V, recently launched. Thus, close coordination will be sought with that and other relevant inventory efforts. It is expected that all signatories will contribute data and information to this Annex

[Lead] United States Ireland
Australia Italy
Austria Japan
Belgium Republic of Korea
Canada The Netherlands
China Russia
European Commission Singapore
Finland Spain
France Sweden
India Switzerland
Energy & Environmental Resources Group (E2RG) Paul Wang :

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ISGAN, also known as the Implementing Agreement for a Co-operative Programme on Smart Grids (ISGAN),
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