Workshop of IEA Building Coordination Group

The IEA Buildings, IEA EUWP (End Use Working Party) and IEA TCPs came together to discuss priority R&D topics and how TPC are dealing with building related research questions

2018 Buildings Co-ordination Group Meeting in Vienna

With participation of several TCPs, IEA secretariat (John Dulac), IEA EUWP Vice Chair for Buildings (Sabine Mitter) and IEA EUWP chair (Gudrun Maass) discussed building related priority research topics.

Photo: Hannes Warmuth, Sabine Mitter, Teun Boekhoven, Gudrun Maass, Adriana Diaz, Monixa Axcell, Even Bjornstad, Robin Wiltshire, Matthias Stifter, Ralf-Roman Schmidt, Ricardo Enriquez, Takao Sawachi (from left to right) (photo: Sabine Mitter)

The following TCPs have been represented:

  • Demand Side Management (DSM)
  • Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT)
  • Energy Efficient End Use Equipment (4E)
  • Energy Conservation through Energy Storage (ECES)
  • District Heating and Cooling (DHC)
  • Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC)
  • Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC)
  • International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN)


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