Power Systems

Power Transmission & Distribution Systems

The main objective of this annex is to establish a long term vision for the development of the future sustainable power systems.

The Annex promotes solutions that enable power grids to maintain and improve the security, reliability and quality of electric power supply while facing challenges related to significant trends in the industry. Examples of such trends are: expanding electrification of the energy system to unserved areas; integration of large amounts of renewable energy sources and distributed generation; increased customer participation; replacement of aging infrastructure; and integration of emerging real-time information technology systems.

The Annex shall consist of efforts to improve understanding of Smart Grid technologies applicable to or influencing power system performance, transmission capacities and operation practices; accelerate their development and deployment; and promote adoption of related enabling regulatory and government policies.

This Annex focuses on system-related challenges, and places emphasis on the technologies, market solutions, and policies which contribute to the development of system solutions.

The Annex is foreseen to be of relevance for all major stakeholders in the electricity sector, including: policymakers, regulators, standardization bodies and international organizations, manufacturing industries, power producers, TSOs, DSOs, other power utilities, aggregators and other market players, as well as the consumers who are increasingly depending on a reliable, high-quality, electricity supply.

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