ISGAN Academy

ISGAN Academy on Smart Grids

The objectives of the ISGAN academy are to offer the ISGAN community of high level engineers and decision makers a means of rational and efficient continuous technical skills complement and update in the field of smart grids. The ACADEMY is a structured e-learning platform offering a comprehensive skills development programme (from power system fundamentals to more specialised courses on breakthrough smart grids solutions). Based on the discussions with the ACADEMY group a more realistic solution emerged, based on a more modular concept. Therefore the ACADEMY is proposed as a set of e-learning modules dealing with different smart grids aspects, where fundamentals and further reading material are considered as appendices out of the critical learning path. In addition the ACADEMY can also contain structured information (public material) about recent developments, best practices, interesting methodologies, etc. on smart grids theory, application, deployment and events.

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Operating Agent


José Pablo Chaves Ávila

Institute for Research in Technology (IIT) & Electric Engineering Department, ICAI, Universidad Pontificia Comillas

[Lead] SpainJapan
GermanySouth Africa
ItalyUnited States

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