ExCo20 ISGAN Annex 6 side event, 29 October 2020

During the 20th meeting of the ISGAN Excecutive Committee , ISGAN Annex 6 Power Transmission & Distribution Systems hosted a side event that showcased the recent work done within the Annex.

Firstly, the key messages of the ISGAN Annex 6 were presented where an overview of the four main focus areas within which a global network of experts is managed according to specific topics. Each of the focus areas is led by a focus area leader who is able to facilitate and consolidate the work done in accordance with the objectives of the Annex. Furthermore, the key messages were elaborated, based on three main perspectives:

  1. Drivers for change according to generation, grid, and demand
  2. Resulting consequences where the increased challenges to maintain secure operation and reliable long-term planning of the Power Transmission and Distribution System are addressed.
  3. Needs to ensure sustainability & security of supply which highlights the future requirements and adaptations with respect to technology, market innovations and policies.

Secondly, the outcomes of the activity work on MEGA vs Micro grids and the respective trends towards influencing the development of the power system was also presented. In this regard, an overview of the respective grids and their topology was discussed. From the perspective of investment, due to the integration of a significant amount of RES, it was shown that flexibility needs moves energy in both time and space. In both cases, the MEGA and micro grids are able to integrate RES based on the maximization of local RES and optimization of system-wide energy resources respectively. Furthermore, the activity contributed toward the policy brief distributed to the virtual CEM. For further information:


Lastly, the outcomes of the activity Lessons learned from international projects on TSO-DSO interaction was presented. In this case, a short video was shown which provided a high-level overview of the topic, in line with four key questions, where the challenges, successes, lessons learned, and recommendations based on the experience of various projects which implemented TSO-DSO interaction was consolidated

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