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Smart Grid International Research Facility Network - SIRFN


The Smart Grid International Research Facility Network (SIRFN) is a network of smart grid research and test-bed facilities in countries participating in the Implementing Agreement for a Co- operative Programme on Smart Grids (ISGAN).

Annex 5: SIRFN’s collaborative testing and evaluation capabilities are meant to be leveraged by the international community to enable improved design, implementation, and testing of smart grids and their functionalities, including the reliable integration of clean energy technologies.

The work is carried out by a global network of experts and is managed in four Focus Areas:

Focus Area 1: Development of interoperable DER Certification Protocols
Lead: Nayeem Ninad (CanmetENERGY)

Advanced testbed (SunSpec System Validation Platform) designing for automated DER function testing based on national/international testing standards.

Focus Area 2: Microgrid Testing (on Hold)
Lead: NN

Identification, execution and recommendation of new innovative Microgrid requirement/function proposing, testing and evaluation methods for on-grid and off-grid operation.

Focus Area 3: Power System Testing
Lead: Kai Heussen (DTU)

Identification of multi-domain power system test cases for holistic and replicable system testing procedure development. Make recommendations and benchmark system case studies proposals.

Focus Area 4: Advanced Laboratory Testing Methods
Lead: Juan Montoya (Fraunhofer IEE)

Enhancement of advanced and field-test close DER function testing for surpassing testbed limitation and generating System-to-Device dependencies in a laboratory-based and replicable environment.

Collaborating Networks

ISGAN Annex 5: SIRFN is actively collaborating with the following networks:

DERlab e.V. EERA JP Smart Grids SunSpec Alliance       IEEE


Results are disseminated at different strategic levels, with some recent publications including:

Operating Agent


Diana Strauss-Mincu

Email: diana.strauss-mincu@der-lab.net

Ron Brandl

Email: ron.brandl@der-lab.net

Technical Lead


Russell Conklin

Department of Energy

[Lead] United StatesIreland
CanadaRepublic of Korea
DenmarkThe Netherlands
IndiaUnited Kingdom

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