System Testing

Power System Testing

Previous experience reveals that power components testing is not enough to ensure system reliability and security.
A component that successfully passes a lab test might not behave as expected when integrated with other technologies in a real grid. As automated actions gain importance in grid systems, the interactions among control strategies must be understood. Failure in components and grids have already been reported in these increasingly complex, interdependent systems. To address this, systems-level testing is needed. Under the leadership of the Technical Universtiy of Denmark, SIRFN participants are working together to define the appropriate laboratory infrastructure and testing requirements for a systems-level testing approach. The approach entails identifying a set of relevant use cases, specifying the corresponding testing needs and then mapping this to the state-of-the-art testing capabilities and infrastructure. The outcome should be a common view on future testing needs in power systems and guidelines for future laboratory developments.



  • Identification of relevant “power system test cases”
  • Development of assessment and testing procedure
  • Creation & replication of a benchmark case for Power System Testing


  • Identify relevant “system” test cases and prioritize by relevance for further inspection
  • Parallel development of test approach & joint definition of system test concept
  • Implementation & replication of test

Planned Deliverables

  1. A series of short reports on exemplary test cases for multi-domain power system testing
    (End 2019).
  2. Joint publication (2020)
  3. Exemplary Implementation (2020)
  4. Replication of min. 1 test case (2021)



Kai Heussen
Technical University of Denmark


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