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ISGAN Academy on Smart Grids

The objective of the ISGAN Academy is to offer the ISGAN community of high-level engineers, decision makers, students and public in general a means of rational and efficient continuous technical skills complement and updates in the field of smart grids.

The Academy presents updated information about new emerging topics and challenges, recent developments, best practices, novel methodologies, smart grids theory, applications, deployments and events of ISGAN activities.

Registrations of previous webinars include people from more than 150 countries.

Coming webinars:


The ISGAN Academy webinars are divided in five different areas:

  1. Novel Smart Grids’ tools
    1. FlexPlan project
    2. Smart4RES – Data science for renewable energy prediction
    3. ISGAN smartgrideval tutorial
    4. Cost-Benefit Analysis for Smart Grids
    5. Rural Electrification Model for Universal Access to Electricity
    6. Distribution Planning for Smart Grids
    7. Augmented reality for Smart Grids
    8. GARPUR Project: TSO Reliability Management: A probabilistic approach for better balance between reliability & costs
    9. GARPUR Project: Generally Accepted Reliability Principle with Uncertainty modelling and through probabilistic Risk assessment
    10. Reference Network Models
  2. ISGAN Award of Excellence
    1. ISGAN Award 2019: Excellence of the Local Integrated Energy Systems (Microgrids)
    2. ISGAN Award 2018: International Smart Grid Action Network
  3. Flexibility in the Power Systems
    1. Innovative solutions for increased regional cross-border cooperation – FARCROSS project
    2. Local flexibility solutions leveraged by RD&I projects as system stability solutions
    3. Flexibility needs at system level and how RD&I projects are leveraging these solutions
    4. New business models for distribution grid stakeholders under high penetration of DER
    5. CoordiNet- Large scale demonstrations for TSO-DSO Cooperation
    6. Flexibility needs in the future power system
    7. Dynamic Line Rating Principles-Applications- Benefits
    8. Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Energy Services
    9. How to replicate solutions for the flexibility challenge?
  4. ISGAN Knowledge Transfer Projects
    1. Regulatory Sandboxes to enable smart grids deployment – Outcomes of the ISGAN KTP
    2. Perspectives on ISGAN Knowledge Transfer Projects (KTP) in Mexico, Belgium and India
  5. New Challenges in Smart Grids
    1. Advanced weather forecasting for renewable energy applications – Smart4RES project
    2. Extracting value from data sharing for RES forecasting: Privacy aspects & data monetization
    3. The need to model coupled energy networks to transition to a decarbonized future
    4. Cybersecurity for Smart Grids: Vulnerabilities and Strategies to Provide Cybersecurity
    5. Cybersecurity for Smart Grids: Technical Approaches to Improve Cybersecurity
Operating Agent


José Pablo Chaves Ávila

Institute for Research in Technology (IIT) & Electric Engineering Department, ICAI, Universidad Pontificia Comillas

[Lead] SpainRussia
IndiaSouth Africa
JapanUnited Kingdom

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