June 15, 2018

System Efficiency

In the era of deployment of a smarter and more sustainable energy system, an overall perspective of system efficiency becomes increasingly important.

System efficiency is a multifaceted concept, which in the present document is broken down in the dimensions of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, energy and economic efficiency.
In order to improve the efficiency of a given system there are a number of available solutions at the disposal of policymakers and market actors. In this work, five action areas have been chosen and defined – multi-energy systems, electric storage, electric mobility, demand side management and automation & sensor technologies – and a review of activities and initiatives currently underway in several countries has been presented.
The efficiency measures and indicators identified in this report are key for bringing about the vision of an environmentally friendly and economically profitable electrical energy system, although some alternatives are not yet at a stage where they could be readily deployed in a systematic or widespread manner. In these cases and depending on the specific circumstances, regulatory policies and support measures can provide guidance and sustenance to overcome the uncertainties of future developments and promote potentially promising solutions.

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