IEA ISGAN Annual Report 2020 released

A particular challenge encountered during 2020 was to ensure that ISGAN continued to work successfully together as a network, despite the many challenges encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amongst many issues, this made the familiar ways of working simply impossible and new approaches had to be found. The overall success of ISGAN activites in 2020 reflects the network ability to manage and operate despite these great challenges, testifying the strengths and cohesion of this TCP.

How to Improve the Interoperability of Digital (ICT) Systems in the Energy Sector

This report has been prepared within the framework of ISGAN Annex 6 and focuses on the question “How to improve the interoperability of digital (ICT) systems in the (electric) energy sector?”. The paper presents and discusses various approaches for designing the system-of-systems, different approaches for enabling and verifying the ICT-interoperability in Smart Grids and motivates the need for interoperability improvements in energy sector. It does so by looking at existing approaches commonly used to improve the interoperability of digital systems both with the energy sector as in other domains, and to learn lessons from them.

Policy Messages from the ISGAN Regulatory Sandbox 2.0 Project

ISGAN is leading an international collaboration project to capture recent developments and support countries in their development of regulatory experimenting such as sandboxes, which are key to enable up-scaling and deployment of smart grid and wider energy system innovation.