Communication Working Group

The ISGAN Communication Working Group (CWG) has been formed with the objectives of collecting, summarizing, and disseminating information related to the diverse actions of the smart grid action network.

The scope of the Communication Working Group relates to all aspects of related to the internal and external communication of ISGAN activities. This includes facilitating collaborations and sharing knowledge between different ISGAN working groups and contributions to public-facing presentations, reports, and activities (e.g. webinars, awards ceremonies, etc.)  

The objective of the combined impact of the CWG’s activities will be: 

  1. To create and curate knowledge that reinforces the important role of smart grids in the energy transition  
  2. To maximize the impact of ISGAN’s various activities by engaging with diverse stakeholders  
  3. To maintain current members and increase the audience for ISGAN activities  

Working Group Tasks:

  1. Synthesis of Findings for Stakeholders  
  2. National Priorities and Best Practices  
  3. Structured Knowledge Exchange  
  4. Virtual Learning – ISGAN Academy
  5. Outreach and Liaison  
  6. Public Media  
WG Manager


Daniel Wuebben

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