Power Systems

Power Transmission & Distribution Systems

The main objective of this Working Group is to establish a long term vision for the development of the future sustainable power systems.

Working Group 6 on Power Transmission & Distribution Systems focuses on system-related challenges, with emphasis on the technologies, market solutions, and policies which contribute to the development of system solutions.

The work is carried out by a global network of experts and is managed in four Focus Areas:

Focus Area 1: Expansion Planning and Market Analysis

Lead: Gianluigi Migliavacca (RSE)

Studying the functioning of electricity markets (day-ahead and real time) and to analyse the evolution of the transmission and distribution networks and their planning modalities.

Focus Area 2: Technology Trends and Deployment

Lead: Emil Hillberg (RISE)

Identify the potential and feasibility of innovative solutions that support grid operation and capacity, make recommendations and support demonstration, promotion and deployment of new promising technologies worldwide.

Focus Area 3: System Operation and Security

Lead: Kjetil Uhlen (NTNU)

Assess assess available methods and tools for operational monitoring and control, and in particular to identify the need for new tools and methods to manage future challenges in balancing control.

Focus Area 4: Transmission and Distribution System Interaction

Lead: Antony Zegers (AIT)

Studies on how distribution and transmission networks could interact in the future, ensuring stable grid operation under high levels of renewables


Results are disseminated at different strategic levels, with some of the ongoing work and most recent publications include:

All published documents from Working Group 6 are found here:

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