Operating as both a Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Initiative and an International Energy Agency (IEA) Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP), the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) is an international platform for the development and exchange of knowledge and expertise on smarter, cleaner, and more flexible electricity grids (i.e., “smart grids”). ISGAN provides an important channel for communication of experience, trends, lessons learned, and future plans in support of national, regional and global clean energy objectives.

To learn more about CEM’s and IEA’s involvement, see Background.

Executive Committee

The IGSAN Executive Committee meets twice a year.

In close collaboration with the Secretariat, a chair and four vice chairs also serve on the committee as the Presidium:

  • Luciano Martini, ExCo Chair, Ricerca Sul Sistema Energetico  S.p.A, Italy, luciano.martini[at]
  • Russell Conklin, ExCo Vice Chair, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S.A., russell.conklin[at]
  • Arun Kumar Mishra, ExCo Vice Chair, Director NSGM-PMU, India, akmishra[at]
  • Wickie Lassen Agdal, ExCo Vice Chair, Advisor EUDP, Denmark, wbl[at]
  • John Ward, ExCo Vice Chair, Director of the Energy Systems Research Program CSIRO, Australia, john.k.ward[at]


ISGAN is supported by a Co-Secretariat at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and the Korea Smart Grid Institute  (KSGI).

AIT holds the position of the ISGAN Operating Agent.

The Secretariat at AIT is responsible for all organizational and communication matters. Primary points of contact are:

KSGI is responsible for ISGAN’s contribution to the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) and the ISGAN Award of Excellence. Primary points of contact are:

Working Groups

ISGAN’s working groups include:

  • Budget Review Group
  • Annex Coordination Group
  • CEM Preparatory Team
  • ISGAN Awards Team
  • ISGAN Academy Committee
  • Strategic Communications and Private Sector Engagement Team

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