16th ISGAN Executive Committee Meeting (ExCo16)

A very exciting ISGAN Executive Committee Meeting (ExCo15) and associated side-events (IRED 2018) have been held in Vienna, Austria in the week from 15th – 19th October 2018.

At the end of the meeting, ExCo representatives were very proud to look back on a highly successful meeting in Vienna.


A big thank you goes to the Austrian ExCo representative, as the 16th ExCo was hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and took place in the Ministry’s premises.




In addition to administrative decisions, important steps for future cooperation with external partners and organisations were discussed and defined. In order to stimulate active discussions among the ExCo representatives, discussions on strategic issues took place not only in the large group, but also in smaller focus groups. In three breakout-sessions the following topics have been discussed:

  1. Future Cooperation within CEM (21CPP and other CEM workstreams) and other relevant initiatives (ERANet Smart Grids+, etc.).
  2. Interaction with MI IC#1 Smart Grids and detailed discussions on the joint workshop at CEM10 in Canada.
  3. Discussion of further proposals on the budget line “Strategic actions” proposals for FY2019.


Fortunately, some high-level representatives of GSGF (Global Smart Grids Federation) also took part in an extra breakout session. Next to the goal of identifying what GSGF plans for the coming years, also possibilities for future cooperation and links between ISGAN and GSGF were discussed.


Another very important part of the meeting was the review of progress and strategic plans of all the Annexes.


Many thanks to all who actively participated at 16th ExCo and of course ISGAN would be very happy to welcome you again at 17th ExCo in Stockholm (spring 2019).

… but of course new participants would be also welcome.


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