17th ISGAN Executive Committee Meeting (ExCo17)

The 17th ISGAN Executive Committee Meeting (ExCo17) and associated side events have been held in Sweden in the week from 1st – 5th April 2019. A big thank you goes to the Swedish Energy Agency, the host of ExCo17.


The week started with a full-day Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP) workshop on experimental sandboxes to enable Smart Grid deployment as well as a meeting with GSGF (Global Smart Grid Federation) and ISGAN members to strengthen future collaboration.

The international public workshop “The future of electricity markets in a low carbon economy” on Tuesday focused on international experiences and lessons learned in relation to several key aspects of power system transformation, market design and smart grid development.

Starting the official ExCo17 with administrative items, the ExCo members elected Maarten Noeninckx as new Vice Chair while re-electing Karin Widegren as Chair for a term of six months, and Russell Conklin as Vice Chair for two years. The Executive Committee was very pleased to welcome a new member, the United Kingdom, to ISGAN.

On the strategic side and continuous development of the ISGAN-TCP the need and opportunity of additional activities were explored. New tasks or even annexes on major emerging topics, for example digitalization, interoperability, energy as a service and sector coupling, might be established in the near future.

Another very important part of the meeting was the review of progress and strategic plans of all the Annexes.

Finally, the future communication strategy have been disuscussed. In particular, how to achieve ISGANs overall organisational objectives but also how to reach and engage with the public and private sector and to ensure that audiences understand the impact of ISGANs work and what ISGAN does.

The next ExCo meeting will take place in Montreux, Switzerland, September 30th – October 4th, 2019.

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