Webinar – IEC61850 standard: what for, which benefits, what pending challenges? How is the Osmose project contributing?

3 May 2021 15:00 CEST - This webinar introduces the IEC61850 standard on communication protocols for intelligent electronic devices at electrical substations, and its benefits. The interoperability needs and issues are presented, as well as the IEC61850 scope and structure, its applications fields, and complementarity with other standards. It concludes on the ongoing developments within the OSMOSE project for the standard’s implementation (subject of a second webinar).

Webinar – Advanced weather forecasting for RES applications: multi-source observations to improve solar forecasting within the Smart4RES project

29 Apr. 2021 13:00 CEST - ISGAN and Smart4RES invite you to the 2nd part of its webinar series on Advanced Weather Forecasting. This webinar will present solar irradiance forecasting methods based on a network of ground-based sky cameras, radiometers and ceilometers as well as satellite data. Furthermore, new designs to data assimilation are presented that combine the best of the observations with the best of numerical weather prediction models to produce optimized weather forecast for RES applications.

Webinar- Advanced weather forecasting for RES applications: Smart4RES developments towards high-resolution and Numerical Weather Prediction solutions to improve RES forecasting models

23 Mar. 2021 12:30 CET This 3rd Smart4RES webinar will address technological and market challenges in RES prediction and will introduce the Smart4RES strategy to improve weather forecasting models with high resolution. Through wind and solar applications, Innovative Numerical Weather Prediction and Large-Eddy Simulation approaches will be presented.