Key Messages Annex 6 - Power Transmission & Distribution Systems

In this document we describe the Drivers for change regarding generation, grid, and demand; the Resulting consequences on operation and planning of the power transmission and distribution systems; and the Needs to ensure sustainability & security of supply with respect to technology, market innovations and policies.

Power systems around the world are faced with a wide range of challenges in order to realize the objective to integrate an increased amount of renewable energy sources in the modern electricity grids. The consequences affect the daily operation and longterm planning of transmission and distribution systems, and the network owners and operator’s ability to ensure continuous, reliable and high quality of supply to the customers. The needs of each actor within the electrical supply chain provide drivers for revision of current practices and promotes future adaptions of functional components and systems, economic and regulatory areas.
This document provides insights in the work of ISGAN Annex 6, in form of key messages consolidated from the views of the focus areas

  • Technology Trends and Deployment
  • Expansion Planning and Market Analysis
  • System Operation and Security
  • Transmission and Distribution System Interaction

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