Call for Technical Paper Abstracts | India Smart Utility Week (ISUW) 2023 | Last date for Submission: 30 September 2022

India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) is pleased to invite all the authors to submit the abstract for Technical Paper on below mentioned themes. The Technical Paper Presentation will be part of India Smart Utility Week (ISUW) 2023, an international conference and exhibition scheduled from 01 – 04 March 2023 in New Delhi. For details about the event, please visit

Themes for ISUW 2023 Technical Paper are:

  1. INDIA @ 100 in 2047: Vision for the Indian Power System
    • Net Zero Power Sector
    • Super Grids for Energy Transition
    • Role of ICT in Energy Transition
    • New Architecture of Climate and Pandemic Proof Infrastructure
  2. Evolving Architecture of the 21st Century Grid with Two Way Power Flows
    • Planning And Design of Transmission Grid
    • Planning And Design of Distribution Grid with Prosumers and Electric Vehicles and Distributed Energy Resources
    • Communication Systems and Technologies for Fast Response- 1/50 (or) 1/60 Seconds
    • Separate Control Bus for IT and OT Systems
    • Climate Proofing of Future Grids
  3. Electric Mobility 
    • Drones and Charging Infrastructure for Drones
    • Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI)
    • New Infrastructure Planning with Integrated EVSE
    • EVs as Virtual Power Plants (VPP)
    • Electric Highways and the Electric Grids
    • Business Models for EV Charging Stations
  4. Foundational Blocks for Smart Grids
    • Learnings from Smart Grid Projects
    • Smart Microgrids for Campuses, Railway Stations, Sea Ports, Airports, Industrial Parks, Military Bases, Hotels, Hospitals, Slums, and Commercial Complexes
    • Cyber-Physical Security of the Critical Infrastructure
    • Standards and Interoperability of Equipment and Systems
    • Communication Solutions for Smart Grids and Smart Cities
    • Flexibility in Power Systems
    • Energy Storage ​Systems – Applications and Business cases
    • 250 Million Smart Meters in India – Rollout Strategies and Business Models
  5. Disruptive Innovations for Utilities
    • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics
    • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality Technologies for the Smart Grids and Smart Cities
    • Web 3.0 and Metaverse for Utilities
    • Wearable Devices
    • Blockchain Applications for Utilities
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Utilities
    • “Paper-less” and “Contact-less” Operations of Utilities
    • Digitalization, New Services and Revenue ​Streams
    • Voice of the Customer – What the Digital Customers Wants?
    • Customer Engagement Strategies and social media for Utilities​ – Customer Portal, Chat-bot, Voice-bot​
    • 5G Rollout and its Impact for Smart Grid Technologies
  6. Smart Grids for Smart Cities
    • Common Automation and IT Layer for Smart City Infrastructure Domains
    • Unlocking the Value of Street Light Poles for Multiple Smart City Applications
    • Smart Home and Smart Appliances
    • Smart Grid as Anchor Infrastructure for Smart Cities
    • Smart Energy Communities
    • Distributed Generation
    • Combined Billing and Customer Care Systems for all Utilities in a Smart City
    • Common GIS Map for all Domains in a Smart City
    • Digital Twins
  7. New and Emerging Technologies and Trends
    • DG Set Replacement with Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
    • Green Hydrogen
    • District Cooling System
    • Electric Cooking
    • Grid Interactive Buildings and Campuses
    • Urban Air Mobility Systems (UAM)
  8. Regulations for the Evolving Smart Energy Systems ​
    • 100% Renewables
    • Flexibility Solutions
    • Retail Competition
    • Green Power Markets
    • Ancillary Services
  9. Smart Water  
    • Smart ​Solutions for Water Production, Transmission, and Distribution
    • Smart Technologies to Address India’s Urban Water Crisis
  10. Smart City Gas Distribution 
    • Solutions for Gas Transmission and Distribution Networks
  11. Cyber Security for the Digitalized Grids

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