Casebook on Innovative Regulatory Approaches with Focus on Experimental Sandboxes

The idea for the focus of this casebook on experimental (regulatory) sandbox Initiatives was generated during the CEM9/Nordic Clean Energy Week, as a result of the workshop Intelligent Market Design – Boosting Global Smart Grid Deployment (23 May 2018) and the following Annex and inter-annex meetings. In these discussions, market regulation was repeatedly identified as a key topic for further collaboration in research and innovation.

This casebook provides detailed information on planned or implemented Sandbox Programs for Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands. An overview of the previously well documented program in the UK is provided as well.

Hawaii is included as an example of another form of regulatory experimentation. In this case, one US state is experimenting with a performance-based method for tariffs which, if successful, can be rolled out as a regulatory innovation to other US states or other countries. The main focus of the casebook however is laid on experimenting to achieve the above mentioned innovation goals by means of sandbox projects.

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