[CEM11] ISGAN and PSF reinforce their commitment to collaborate to accelerate smart digital power infrastructure

ISGAN and PSF reinforce their commitment to collaborate to accelerate smart digital power infrastructure


The first ISGAN-PSF joint workshop “A Holistic Approach to Low Emission Energy Systems through the Sector Integration”, took place as an official pre-event of the CEM11/MI-5 Ministerial meeting on Wednesday 16 September.

This workshop benefited from the participation of key contributors, including Mr. Juan Carlos Jobet (Minister of Energy, Chile), Mr. Gilberto Dialuce (Director-General, Ministry of Economic Development, Italy), Mr. Keisuke Sadamori (Office for Energy Market and Security Director, International Energy Agency), and Mrs. Anne Vadasz Nilsson (Chairman, Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate), who gathered with delegates from governments and industries to express their thoughts, opinions, and perspectives in a collaborative environment for advancing digitalization and new technologies for enhancing power system flexibility.

Mr. Luciano Martini, Chair of ISGAN, and Mr. Enrique Gutierrez, Operating Agent of PSF, announced the strong cooperation of the initiatives they represent, targeting the development of innovation on flexibility, digitalization, regulatory frameworks, and market design of the future smart grids.

The release of the first report as an outcome from the initial activity of the Horizontal Accelerator on EV-power system integration, an initiative actively involving four CEM work streams, was announced during their speech, including its important political messages. A fireside chat involving key speakers from around the world took place, which focused on the role of innovations in market design, regulation, and digitalization in unlocking modern technologies for power system flexibility.

During the event, ISGAN Awards 2020 ceremony was held, celebrating the Global Excellence in Smart Grid Projects with a special focus on “Digitalization Enabling Consumer Empowerment”. Mr. Koyama Masaomi (Director-General, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan) presented the ISGAN Award to the winning projects.

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