Characterization of the Electric Energy System in view of Flexibility Usage - Technical Report

In the framework of the IEA TCP International Smart Grids Action Network (ISGAN), Working Group 9 aims at identifying challenges and opportunities of flexibility markets related to operational planning. Therefore, this report presents a comprehensive review of the current electricity systems of Austria, Canada, India, and Korea.

A survey has been conducted that aims at laying the basis for a common understanding of international market designs and different flexibility services that are currently in use. To capture the whole picture, the topic of market design was split into three subtopics, covering general market design, flexibility market design, and flexibility services for system operators. Each of these topics is made accessible by several questions that have been answered by the respective countries, enabling the Working Group to understand presently used market designs and flexibility services. We find that the design of electricity markets differs significantly between European and non-European countries, thus presenting a wide range of challenges to the countries in question. Consequently, there are no general-purpose solutions for the successful implementation of flexibility markets related to operational planning. However, several common issues were identified and will be investigated in the further course of the work of Working Group 9 through stakeholder interviews from participating countries.

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