Consumer Focussed Flexibility Factsheets

Accessing and optimising demand side flexibility involves understanding and engaging with consumers. Working Group 9 has produced 3 factsheets on this space in Sweden, looking at: (i) metering as an enable for flexibility; (ii) the implementation of independent aggregators; and (iii) dynamic electricity pricing.


The first factsheet presents some insights into metering as an enabler for consumer-focused flexibility, and gives a brief overview of the two generations of smart meter roll-outs in Sweden, as well as the national regulation of minimum functional requirements for electricity meters.

In spring 2021, the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate submitted a report to the Government with recommendations on how to facilitate the concept of independent aggregators in Swedish legislation. The second factsheet aims to summarise the main analysis and recommendations of the report.

The third factsheet presents some insights into price signals and consumer flexibility, and gives a brief overview of the characteristics of dynamic electricity pricing, as well as some food for thought going forward.

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