Dr. John K Ward elected Vice Chair of the ISGAN Executive Committee

Dr. Ward currently serves as the Research Director of the Energy Systems Research Program at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Decarbonising our energy systems is a key challenge for Australian and global action to achieve net zero emissions. Australian electricity systems provide the most mature range of options for both immediate and long-term decarbonisation and Dr Ward’s work on Smart Grids directly supports this – facilitating increased uptake of renewable energy and improving utilisation of infrastructure to allow this transition while managing electricity system security, reliability, and costs. One example of this has been through incorporating the CSIRO Renewable Energy Integration Facility (REIF) as a member of the International Energy Agency’s Smart Grid International Research Facility Network (SIRFN), which has helped international laboratories adopt a more consistent unified framework for evaluating the relative merits of various inverter standards and helping lift global best practice.

Dr. Ward aims to help ISGAN improve international collaboration – avoiding duplication and accelerating progress through knowledge sharing, including with countries that have not traditionally been part of such collaborations. His dedication to fostering unity and knowledge exchange underscores his commitment to advancing solutions for the critical issue of climate change.

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