Flexibility harvesting and its impact on stakeholder interaction - Explained

Within the global context, the electrical energy system is transitioning in the way that electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed. Due to these changes, system operators are faced with various challenges (technical, ICT, regulatory and economic) to accommodate new technologies due to the drive toward modern power systems. However, these changes have also allowed for the increased opportunity for system development and the inclusion of new market players. Flexibility will provide network operators (together with other stakeholders such as prosumers, aggregators, etc.) with the possibility to increase the stability of the electrical system and ensure a safe, secure and reliable supply. Stakeholder interaction is key to facilitate and enable the integration and utilization of flexibility in future power systems.

The following video presents the concepts related to the electricity transition and the challenges faced by system operators when integrating flexibility into their networks. Furthermore, through the implementations of coordination schemes, systems operators can work together in order to ensure the safe, secure and reliable electric systems of the future.

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