Flexibility Workshop of IEA EUWP

The IEA EUWP (Working Party on Energy End-Use Technologies) is organising a workshop about "Flexibility for a sustainable energy system" and ExCo Chair Karin Widegren will discuss at the Round Table about "Flexibility from the network and storage".


Flexibility is the new keyword when we speak about a decarbonised energy system. It represents one of the most important requirements when we want to integrate variable renewables in the electricity networks without jeopardising its stability, and is a key element fostering the interaction among the different energy vectors (i.e electricity, gas, heat, water, etc.) towards an optimised overall balanced and resilient system. Understanding and implementing flexibility along the entire energy value chain is such a big challenge that international collaboration is vital to coordinate efforts and join forces and resources to accelerate the development and deployment of the adequate technology portfolios in time for the climate changes mitigation. The IEA, through its Energy Technology Network, is a key actor in this framework, leveraging the engagement and competences developed within its Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs).

Back to back to one of the IEA coordination meetings (namely that of the End-Use Working Party, in charge of the supervision of 14 TCPs), this workshop will present the state of the art and the progress of technologies and solutions to address and enhance the flexibility in sustainable energy systems, highlighting national initiatives and programmes and the contribution of Italian research and industrial activities within international collaborations.

(source: IEA EUWP workshop agenda)

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