ISGAN Lighthouse Project: Illuminating Pathways for Smart Grid Development

A new initiative will initiate closer collaboration between ISGAN's six working groups to address smart distribution grids.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electricity systems, smart grids assume a pivotal role in harmonizing the diverse capabilities and needs of stakeholders. ISGAN provides a global platform that serves as a catalyst for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the dissemination of effective practices amongst a wide range of professionals. One of the end goals of these efforts is to raise high-level government awareness on the value and impact of smarter grids.  

The ISGAN 2022 annual report shows the impact of ISGAN’s six working groups through their achievements. Looking ahead, we are launching an ambitious new initiative called the Lighthouse Project “Electricity Network Planning and Implementation under Uncertainty for the Clean Energy Transition: The Roles of Smart Distribution Grids in Energy Systems.” 

This project will unite our working groups around the goal of planning smart distribution grids to support the clean energy transition. Distribution is crucial because changes like electric vehicles and heat pumps are significantly impacting local grid capacity. A holistic approach is needed to configure smart grids and leverage flexibility at the distribution level. 

The Lighthouse Project will identify specific activities and stakeholders to address these challenges. By pooling the expertise within ISGAN, we can make meaningful contributions to global smart grid development. 

We have begun scoping the project and our ambitions for 2024 are high. Bringing together working groups and stakeholders will spark new ideas. With the support of our members, this year promises to be transformative – propelling smart grid advances and paving the way for sustainable energy. Stay tuned as our planning progresses to illuminate pathways forward.  

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