Knowledge Exchange on Experimental Sandboxes to Enable Smart Grid Deployment

During the Stockholm Smart Grid Week first week in April 2019, a knowledge exchange event on experimental (regulatory) sandboxes to enable smart grid deployment was arranged by the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) in partnership with International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER). Local organizers included the Swedish Smart Grid Forum and Swedish Energy Agency.

The event was part of a broader scope of activities ISGAN is undertaking along with partner organizations to advance international dialogue around good practices and new approaches for innovative market and power system design needed to catalyze smart grid investments. On Monday 1 April, an interactive knowledge exchange workshop was arranged with participants from smart grid experts from the regulatory, policy making and research communities. A public workshop was arranged on Tuesday 2 April where examples from the Case Book under development were presented. Finally, on Wednesday 3 April, a technical visit was made to Uppsala visiting RD&I projects in Smart Grid and regulatory sandboxes.


For general information, please contact Dr. Magnus Olofsson.

For more information related the interactive knowledge exchange workshop, please contact Helena Lindquist.

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