Knowledge Transfer Project on Upscaling of Smart Grid Research and Innovation

Removing barriers to upscaling of smart grid and energy system innovation in focus at international transdisciplinary workshop in Montreux, Switzerland.

In conjunction with the ISGAN Executive Committee nine member countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, India, Korea, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Sweden) participated in an interactive knowledge sharing workshop on the topic of Upscaling of Smart Grid Research and Innovation.

The workshop was an integral part of a longer knowledge transfer process and was preceded by considerable preparation by the participants, including an in-depth questionnaire and a preparatory webinar providing important background context about upscaling barriers and initiatives in different countries. The interactive knowledge sharing and co-creation dialogue focused on how key barriers (economic, legal, technological, social, etc.) to upscaling can be overcome and the role of government actors, such as public funding agencies, in this regard.

The insights from the project have been summarised in the following ISGAN Policy Messages on Upscaling of Smart Grid Research and Innovation.

This knowledge transfer project on upscaling was the third under the umbrella initiative “Public Support to Smart Grid Research and Innovation” (2017-2019) in which countries have come together to share knowledge and experiences on aspects related to public funding and other support mechanisms relevant to smart grid development.

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