Spotlight on Smart and Strong Electric Power Infrastructure Best practice shared from the ISGAN Annex 6 case book

The introduction in the generation mix of a continuously increasing share of generation from renewable energy sources (RES), the geographical spread of generation when increasing the amount of distributed production, as well as changing patterns of demand from new types of load such as electric vehicles, will create new challenges for the electric power transmission and distribution (T&D) systems.

The case book Spotlight on Smart and Strong Power T&D Infrastructure spotlights a number of projects sharing best practices to meet challenges for the power systems to become stronger and smarter.

Many different approaches are possible to meet these challenges and the regulators have a key role in supporting the development towards clean sustainable solutions.
Different countries have different challenges, will use different solutions to those challenges, and have reached different maturity in the implementation of those solutions. Smart grid solutions are also found across the entire electrical system, from the high voltage transmission grid, through the distribution grid and finally on consumer level. It is therefore no generic solution or size that fits all for the solution towards the smart and strong grid. At the same time there are generic solutions and findings from experiences that can be adapted by other countries to make local implementation faster and more efficient.

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