WEBINAR: Bridging the Gap between Energy Operators and Research Outcomes

15 November 2023 14:00 CET - ISGAN Virtual Learning invites you to this webinar in collaboration with CRESYM on the new era of energy research and distribution system operation and planning

Europe’s swiftly changing energy landscape is confronted with pressing challenges, underscoring the need for collaborative Research & Development (R&D) efforts centered on producing open-source energy system simulation tools. In pursuit of this goal, CRESYM champions open-source principles, fostering efficient collaborations that tackle low-TRL R&D topics of wide interest by maintaining technological advancements accessible to all researchers and engineers. During this webinar, we’ll highlight significant milestones from CRESYM’s main project within the smart grid domain.

CRESYM is a non-profit association, gathering industry players and research organisations, and undertaking research actions to solve the energy sector’s upcoming challenges. After power system stability, and multienergy matters, it calls for volunteering operators to set up a research program to unlock remaining barriers for the digitalisation of distribution networks.

More info on https://cresym.eu/

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Intended audience

Senior engineers and decision makers of Distribution Network Operators, who face key digitalisation issues, and ready to share their needs (and possibly, but not compulsorily, fund) a research program that would address them.

Key messages

  • CRESYM invites energy operators to share their research needs and organises research projects.
  • CRESYM increase the visibility of, and acces to, research outcomes, while relieving their inventors of the related maintenance burden.
  • CRESYM enlarges its activity to distribution matters and invites distribution operators to join.

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