Webinar - Demonstration of grid forming capabilities and synchronisation services

05 April 2022 - 13:00 CEST - ISGAN Virtual Learning and the OSMOSE project invite you to this webinar concerning off-the-shelf inverters interfacing energy storage systems.

The speakers will lead you towards two demonstration activities part of the OSMOSE project concerning off-the-shelf inverters interfacing energy storage systems with the power grid that can be turned into grid-forming units through suitable control upgrades in order to provide several services to the power system when it hosts massive amount of inverter-based renewable/stochastic generation. This is achieved thanks to the provision of synchronisation services superposed to classic regulation ones.


Join the webinar: 2022-04-05 at h 13:00 CEST (UTC+1)

Key messages

Within the context of service provision to future power systems hosting massive amount of inverter-based renewable/stochastic generation, 2 demonstrators have shown that grid forming capability can be provided from off-the-shelf equipment. One demonstration is based on a existing MW-class BESS connected to the medium voltage grid of the EPFL campus, while the other was built for the OSMOSE project by Ingeteam and connecter to the RTE network.

  • Both demos proved that grid forming capability can be provided without hardware oversizing, drawing out the most of existing equipment and therefore limiting the cost.
  • A hybrid system showed that supercapacitors installed on the DC side can handled all fast transients induced by grid forming control, therefore smoothing the battery output power.
  • The controls have been improved to behave properly in different grid conditions including harmonics and unbalanced conditions.
  • Multiservices provision can be done including grid forming capability taking into account the unit’s operational constraints.
  • Accurate distribution-class PMUs can be used to assess the performance of grid forming vs grid following units.

Intended audience

This webinar is mainly suitable for transmission system operators (TSO), energy providers, converter manufacturers and researchers in the field of power electronics and/or power systems stability and control. The content of the webinar is also comprehensible for students and engineers with some background in the power systems dynamics.

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