WEBINAR: Development of Digital Twin Capability in the UK energy sector

23 November 2023 13:30 CET - ISGAN Virtual Learning invites you to this webinar in collaboration with Working Group 9 on the digital twinning capability for energy markets

In this webinar, ISGAN Working Group 9 (WG9) will explore the projects’ developments concerning the digital twinning capability in the UK energy market and their potential implications for future interactions. This session aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how these projects are contributing to the evolution of the energy industry.


Greg Johnston (Energy Systems Catapult)

Charmalee Jayamaha (Energy Systems Catapult)

Intended audience

Individuals working on digitalisation of energy systems; primarily senior technical staff, policymakers, data experts.

Key messages

– Data licensing, standardisation and interoperability are key emergent issues
– Standardised patterns for sharing data is a key component to drive interoperability.

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