Webinar- Innovative solutions for increased regional cross-border cooperation in the transmission grid: the FARCROSS project

1 Mar. 2021 12:30 CET- The webinar will provide insight into the FARCROSS Horizon 2020 EU research project. Driven by recent development in EU internal market for electricity regulation, increased cooperation is key element for improving the interconnectors’ utilization and market harmonization. FARCROSS project looks into these challenges and promotes integrated hardware and software solutions in 5 pilot demonstrators across 8 European countries.

Intended audience:

  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs)  
  • Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs) 
  • Market operators  
  • Energy producers, traders and energy market actors 
  • Policy makers and regulation bodies 
  • Transmission and Distribution (T&D) equipment and services industry 
  • Academia and engineering communities 

Anastasis Tzoumpas                Katerina Drivakou                    Thanasis Bachoumis

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