WEBINAR: Optimal bidding and operation of DVPPs under uncertainties

18 October 2023 12:00 CEST - ISGAN Virtual Learning invites you to this webinar on optimal bidding and operation of DVPPs under uncertainties

In this webinar, recent results on the optimal bidding and operation of DVPPs considering different types of uncertainties will be presented. Energy and ancillary service market participation is defined by means of a novel robust optimization algorithm. Energy and service provision are then guaranteed close-to-real-time through a continuous optimal redispatch tool.

More info on https://posytyf-h2020.eu/

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Intended audience

Researchers, policy makers and regulatory agents, practitioners, system operators, and other Power system engineers, from students to senior experts.

Key messages

The new DVPP concept fully integrates the dynamic aspects at all levels: locally (for each RES generator), globally (for grid ancillary services and interaction with other neighbour elements of the grid) and economically (for internal optimal dispatch and participation to electricity markets)

A DVPP is a set of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) along with a set of control and operation procedures. This means methodologies for:

  • choosing the participating RES, optimal and continuous operation as a whole (especially in case of loss of natural resources – e.g., wind, sun – on a part of the DVPP),
  • regulation (in the dynamic sense) to ensure local objectives for each generator,
  • participation to ancillary services of the DVPP as a unit and to diminish negative effects of interaction with neighbour dynamics elements of the power system,
  • integration in both actual power systems scenarios (with mixed classic and power electronics-based generation) and future ones with high degree of RES penetration

Further information

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