Webinar - Recommendations to pave the way for harmonised European flexibilities markets

05 July 2022 - 13:00 CEST - ISGAN Virtual Learning invites you to this webinar on the European R&I projects: INTERRFACE and CoordiNet findings

ISGAN Virtual Learning invites to this webinar on the findings of three and a half years experience on European R&I projects: INTERRFACE and CoordiNet. These projects have been investigating the best ways for TSO-DSO coordination with regards to flexibility procurement. The project will provide recommendations to developing flexibility markets in Europe based on the experience from the different large-scale demonstrations across Europe.

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Intended audience

Students and researchers interested in power networks, policy makers working on electricity markets, utilities, regulators, industries and consumers with the potential to provide flexibility.

Key messages

Flexibility can be an important tool for system operators to optimise the use of the grid while ensuring security of supply and accelerating the penetration of renewables in the electricty network. Improved coordination among energy stakeholders incuding TSOs, DSOs, FSPs (BSPs/BRPs) and consumers plays a fundamental role in achieving the uptake of market-based flexibility solutions as part of the energy transition. Through their extensive collaboration, the INTERRFACE and CoordiNet projects have defined a set of tools necessary to overcome the challenges faced by market stakeholders, and will present their joint recommendations for paving the way towards harmonised flexibility markets in Europe.

Further information

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