Webinar - Sustainable Peak Load Transformers

07 June 2022 - 14:30 CEST - ISGAN Virtual Learning invites you to this panel debate on the evolution of peak load transformers.

Energy Transition and Circular Economy-related regulations are popping up around the world. Both energy efficiency and material efficiency are to be optimised. In electrical applications it is not always apparent how a trade-off between these goals can be avoided. The sustainable peak load concept for public distribution transformers does exactly that: it is beneficial to transformer energy efficiency as well as material efficiency, with no need for compromise.

This webinar will present the concept, several case studies, a thorough transformer loading survey carried out in US and a modelling exercise for the EU.



Angelo Baggini

  • Aggregate professor of electrical engineering at the University of Bergamo
  • Chairman of Cenelec TC14
  • Chairman of CEI TC97
  • Over 200 technical and scientific papers
  • Author of PQ Handbook (2008) and Electrical Energy Efficiency (2012), both published by Wiley and Sons
Angelo Baggini
Alberto Cracco

  • Managing and Sales Director, Westrafo Srl.
  • Graduated as a management engineer at the University of Padua
  • MBA
  • 16 years of experience in the transformer industry
Bruno De Wachter

  • Free-lance engineer-copywriter and consultant with focus on the energy sector
  • Degree in Electrical Engineering (University of Ghent)
  • A post-master’s in European Languages and their Literature (University of Antwerp).
  • In-house consultant and copywriter for the European Copper Institute since 2011
Phil Hopkinson

  • President and CEO of Hvolt Inc.
  • Life Fellow IEEE
  • Long-time member of IEEE Transformer Committee
  • Holder of 15 US patents
  • Technical Adviser to the USNC for Power Transformers, IEC TC 14
  • 56 years of experience in the transformer industry (design, engineering and management)
Fernando Nuño

  • Clean Energy Transition Programme Manager at the European Copper Institute
  • Leads multiple publicly funded EU Horizon projects.
  • Energy Engineer (Bilbao)
  • ENSPM school (France)
  • Experience at the French Energy Regulatory Commission and in the automotive sector
Alan Sbravati

  • Global Customers Application Manager, Cargill
  • 20 years of experience in the US transformer industry
  • Dozens of publications on transformers
  • Active member of IEEE Transformer Committee

Intended audience

Policy makers, distribution system operators, utilities, electricity market regulators, academia, consultants, transformer manufacturers, transformer value chain.

Key messages

  • The total annual energy losses of a sustainable peak load unit are similar to those of a conventional unit. This is due to the fact that the average loading in public distribution networks is low, resulting in a higher relative importance of no-load losses compared to load losses.
  • The material savings potential of sustainable peak load transformers is substantial, with reductions in total weight of 11 – 15%.
  • The purchase cost of a sustainable peak load transformer is comparable to that of a conventional transformer if all other parameters are kept the same.

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