Workshop on enforced international and national knowledge exchange

Based on the experiences from various projects and work within ISGAN annexes, a workshop was organised by the ISGAN KTP Team at the virtual ExCo 20 week in October 2020. The challenge addressed in this workshop was the barriers for knowledge flow and engagement between stakeholders at national level with the international level, and vice versa.

The rationale for the workshop was based on the assumption that the knowledge and experience from developments nationally – both at policy level and in practice – could be captured in a more systematic way to inform and influence dialogue at the international level, whilst at the same time opening up for involvement from a greater number and a more diverse set of stakeholders to create a more holistic picture of challenges and solutions.

Figure. Illustration of the potential for increased interaction and flow of knowledge.

The workshop was arranged to discuss and co-create ideas on how this could be achieved in practice in various areas of work within the ISGAN community.
Among the recommendations from the workshop is a new role as connector between the international and national level in each country. In addition, make use of national mirror groups in connection to ISGAN projects. It was also emphasized that web meetings including the services of the ISGAN Academy are important tools for stronger connection between the international and national levels.

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