Webinar: ISGAN Award 2022 - Excellence of EV Integration in Smart Grid

20 April 2023 - 10:00 CEST - ISGAN Virtual Learning invites to this webinar presenting the winners of the 8th ISGAN Award competition

The annual ISGAN Awards of Excellence recognize excellence in smart grid projects around the world. At the 8th Award competition, ISGAN honored excellence on the theme: “EV Integration in Smart Grid,” in partnership with the Global Smart Energy Federation (GSEF).

The honorees will share project highlights that can be adapted or adopted in other markets and regions. By showcasing exemplars in the global smart grid community, the event will promote exchange of lessons learned and emerging best practice, as well as the creation of a shared understanding of the value that smarter, more flexible electricity systems can bring.

Intended audience

Policy makers, Junior / Senior engineers / Students

Key messages

In most low-carbon scenarios, electric vehicle (EV) integration is a critical vector for decarbonization of transport. However, effective EV integration presents a variety of high-stakes, technical challenges for electricity network operators that must be resolved for that promise to be realized at a speed and scale consistent with global climate and clean energy objectives. EV charging is a considerable load on the electric grid that can impact the power quality. This webinar would draw your attention to the role that smart grids play for making EV integration possible.

Further information

ISGAN Award 2022 – Excellence of EV Integration in Smart Grid

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