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Announcing the Winners of the 8th ISGAN Awards of Excellence


The Award of Excellence recognizes exemplars in the field of smart grid and helps improve global understanding of the value that smarter, cleaner electrical grids can offer with a special focus on renewable energy integration. It sets the stage for replication of proven smart grid concepts.

In 2022, ISGAN, in partnership with the Global Smart Energy Federation (GSEF) and the CEM Empowering People Initiative (EPI) launched the 8th ISGAN Awards of Excellence international competition to showcase leadership and innovation in smart grid projects around the world.

On 23 September 2022, ISGAN revealed the winners of the 8th ISGAN Awards of Excellence during the first-ever Global Clean Energy Action Forum, a joint convening of the 13th Clean Energy Ministerial and the 7th Mission Innovation ministerial in Pittsburgh, U.S. Rob Jetten, Minister for Climate & Energy Policy of the Netherlands, and Drew Leyburne, Assistant Deputy Minister for Energy Efficiency & Technology Sector, Natural Resources Canada, presented the ISGAN Awards to the winning projects.



[Theme 1]  Smart Grid Workforce Development for an Inclusive Energy Transition


CEM Empowering People Initiative

ISGAN is implementing the Award of Excellence competition in partnership with the CEM Empowering People Initiative (EPI), a new initiative launched at CEM12 in June 2021. EPI is co-led by Canada, the European Commission, and the United States, with Denmark and Chile joining as participating countries. EPI’s partners include the World Bank Group, the International Labour Organization (ILO), the SDG7 Youth Constituency, the World Energy Council, and the United Nationals Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). This initiative seeks to highlight the socio-economic elements of the energy transition that relate to empowering people and promoting just and equitable transitions: skills, inclusivity and workforce development. Building a diverse and inclusive workforce of tomorrow is critical to accelerating the push to a carbon neutral future – one that leaves no one behind.


Competition at a Glance

A push to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 will require more than increasing our ambition around green infrastructure and green financing. It will require a highly skilled and diverse workforce that draws on talent from all sectors and all corners of society. A successful transition will also promote just and equitable transitions for workers and communities to ensure that no one is left behind. ISGAN and EPI are proud to announce the winning projects demonstrating leadership and innovation in smart grid projects and technologies while actively promoting novel approaches to developing the skilled and diverse workforce necessary for smart grids’ success.


Winning Projects

Development Of Smart Grid Ecosystem

India Smart Grid Forum (India)


SEE (Smart Energy Education) Project

Korea Smart Grid Association (Republic of Korea)

TNB Reskilling Malaysia – In Supporting AMI Workforce Development Program

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (Malaysia)


[Theme 2]  EV Integration in Smart Grid


Global Smart Energy Federation 

ISGAN is implementing the Award of Excellence competition in partnership with Global Smart Energy Federation (GSEF), formerly known as Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF) and its Best Smart Grids Project Award. GSEF is a global stakeholder organization committed to creating smarter, cleaner electrical systems around the world and is comprised of national smart grid associations, forward-looking utilities, and think tanks from around the globe working in the energy transition and clean transportation.
GSEF brings together the intellectual capital of smart energy stakeholders from around the world to help member organizations initiate changes to their countries’ energy systems to enhance security, increase flexibility, reduce emissions, and maintain affordability, reliability, and accessibility to clean energy and promote clean transportation. GSEF is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit Corporation in Washington, D.C., United States of America.


Competition at a Glance

In most low-carbon scenarios, electric vehicle (EV) integration is a critical vector for decarbonization of transport. However, effective EV integration presents a variety of high- stakes, technical challenges for electricity network operators that must be resolved for that promise to be realized at a speed and scale consistent with global climate and clean energy objectives. EV charging is a considerable load on the electric grid that can impact the power quality. Thousands of EVs charging at the same time can overload the grid elements at places and must be monitored and controlled in real-time. Hence, EV integration with the grid requires detailed planning. ISGAN and GSEF are proud to announce the winning projects that demonstrate leadership and innovation in EV integration with smart grid technologies.


Winning Projects

Smart Solar Charging – Region Utrecht

Stedin Netbeheer B.V. (The Netherlands) 

VGI Core Component Development and V2G Demonstration Using CCS Type 1 Standard

KEPCO Research Institute (Republic of Korea)

Peak Drive

Peak Power Inc. (Canada)


Contact (Awards Administrator)

SungJi (Chloe) Yoon

Korea Smart Grid Institute (KSGI)

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