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Announcing the Fourth Annual ISGAN Award (2018) of Excellence - Submission Deadline Closed!

Be Recognized

Nominations are now open for the second ISGAN Award of Excellencecompetition, sponsored by the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN), in partnership with the Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF). The award will recognize excellence in innovation, integration, and transformation of smart grid systems.

2018 Award Theme: Smart Grids for Flexibility

Consumers are becoming increasingly dependent upon a constant supply of electricity, and thus less forgiving of interruptions. However, as renewable energy generation is brought onto the grid, as well as the growth in electric vehicles and other connected devices, it introduces more variability in the electricity supply, presenting an energy management challenge. The increase in variability calls for greater power system flexibility in which electricity production or consumption is modified to respond to both expected and unexpected fluctuations in supply and demand. Because of the critical importance of sustaining a flexible grid and the role that smart grids can play to help facilitate and improve grid flexibility, ISGAN has chosen “Smart Grids for Flexibility” as the theme of the 2018 Award of Excellence.

The ISGAN Award of Excellence in Smart Grids for Flexibility will advance smart grids by improving the flexibility of the grid by balancing supply and demand simultaneously, thereby reducing customer losses from power disruptions.

Eligible Projects

  • Eligible projects include pilot, demonstration, and deployment projects
  • Please see the Official Rules of the ISGAN Award of Excellence and detailed Submission Forms for more information
  • The jury will select winning projects based on four key criteria:
    • Potential impact,
    • Economic rationale,
    • Potential for replication or adaptation,
    • Innovation, and,
    • Other benefits.
  • Winners will be announced during a ceremony at the ninth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM9) and Mission Innovation (MI) meeting in May 2018.
  • Winners will be invited to participate in that ceremony and be recognized in ISGAN products and proceedings over the following months.
  • Winners will be offered an opportunity for interviews and exposure via a promotional video which will be publicly distributed via a variety of networks, including ISGAN’s official YouTube channel and website

Submission Resources

For competition information, rules, submission forms and templates see download section

Submission closed! (deadline was the 24 November 2017).

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