September 9, 2019

12th Smart Grid Forum Latin America

The distribution networks digitalisation and its impacts on companies, tariffs and consumers

With a business-oriented perspective, Smart Grid Forum Latin America aims to implement technologies in a sustainable manner, taking into account the technical, economic, environmental, political, legal and social aspects, focusing on the next necessary steps, rather than just reporting achievements already achieved. Our Conferences always end up providing guidance to governments, regulators, energy companies and other stakeholders on the next steps necessary for the modernization of energy services in the region.

In this edition, in particular, we hope to count on outstanding professionals and companies’ presence and sponsorship so that it is possible to gather the largest number of professionals and companies interested in advancing the agenda proposed by the Forum, focusing especially on those related to the energy serviceleveraging thesmart cities.

The Conference and Exhibition will address the following main themes:

  • Digitalization (Metering, Automation, Innovative new Digital Platforms on Prosumer´s side);
  • Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications in energy, Analitics and Big Data, Blockchain and new options of payment);
  • Connectivity (IoT, Platforms and uses of multiple networks, Cybersecurity);
  • Flexibility (Renewables and Distributed GenerationI ntegration, Smart Tariffs, demand response, new services to customers, Energy Storage and other real-time load management tools).

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April 25, 2019

ICSG Istanbul 2019

The International Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Fair (on April 25-26, 2019), which assembled the stakeholders of the energy industry, to which nearly 350 global corporations will attend as booth exhibitors, was attended by over 10 thousand industry representatives, experts and academicians from more than 50 countries.

Turkey is experiencing a transitional stage to use Smart Grid application like the whole world. During this critical period, parties fully utilizing, producing and distributing energy search for solutions to use energy effectively, rationally and without any loss. Thanks to advanced technology solutions such as information and communication technologies and smart grid, problems about consuming and producing energy are proposed to vanish in time. Therefore current grid systems shall inevitably be subjected to some amendments in order to integrate into this system.

Currently, many electricity distribution company have been involved in this transformation in Turkey having 35 millions of water subscribers, 35 millions of electricity subscribers and 10 millions of natural gas subscribers with a population of 80 millions of people.

Consequently, this congress to be held within the transitional stage of Turkey will provide an international platform in order to throw the participants together with all the shareholders, find answers to many questions, teach the latest innovations about smart grids, show sample applications and define investment strategies.


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March 15, 2019

Power Forward Challenge

Natural resources Canada (NRCan) and The Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), UK launched the Power Forward Challenge

Canadian and UK companies are challenged to design better power grids, connecting the two nations to clean, user-friendly grids and helping to prevent power outages. For more info:

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