September 2, 2021

Flexibility and stakeholder interaction questionnaire

ISGAN invites you to take part in our survey on flexibility in the power system until 30th of September.

Solutions providing advances in flexibility are of utmost importance for the future power system.
However, flexibility is not a unified term and is lacking a commonly accepted definition. The flexibility term is used as an umbrella covering various needs and aspects in the power system which complicates the discussion on flexibility and craves for differentiation to enhance clarity.

The goal of this questionnaire is to provide an increased understanding of the topic of flexibility in operation and planning of the  power system.

The purpose of this survey is to collect information and stakeholder perspectives on:

  1. How flexibility is understood and deployed within various countries/regions, and to collect additional sources of information relevant to international experiences related to flexibility.
  2. How system/network operators and other stakeholders perceive the impact of flexibility and their interaction.
  3. Research projects related to flexibility in the power system

The results of the survey will be used for:

  • Consolidation of the ISGAN discussion paper titled: “Flexibility harvesting and its impact on stakeholder interaction”
  • Assessment of flexibility markets and flexibility stakeholders.

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