Case Studies

Smart Grid Case Studies

Currently, Task: Case Studies has two priority workstreams, the first of which is an assessment of current case studies on smart grid deployments. This includes creation of a common methodological framework for future case studies based on this assessment, and development of in-depth case studies using this framework. Capturing and communicating the lessons learned from real-life demonstration or deployment projects will help stakeholders understand the true promise and challenges of deploying smarter electricity grids. Such case studies will provide another layer of depth to the information available in the Global Smart Grid Inventory and provide data and metrics to inform development of benefit-cost analyses and decision-making tools under that Annex. Published case books are as follows. (click to see)


A second key work stream is enabling in-depth peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. More information on the Knowledge Transfer Platform can be found here.

Published documents from Task: Case Studies are found here:

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