Smart Grid Tour during ExCo26 in Utrecht

As part of ISGAN ExCo26, members explored a local site featuring three Dutch smart grid projects.

After our recent ExCo26 meeting in Utrecht, members were fortunate to have the opportunity to visit a site showcasing three remarkable smart grid projects. This visit provided invaluable insights into the latest advancements and innovations in smart grid implementation, particularly in relation to the integration of buildings and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

One of the projects on display was SmoothEMS with Gridshield. This cutting-edge grid tool demonstrates the seamless integration of smart energy management technologies. By focusing on the capabilities and behaviors of EV charging, this project works to develop a reliable and resilient power supply for neighborhoods and promote energy efficiency and reduced reliance on fossil fuels.

Next, we saw some of the infrastructure for A.S.R. VAP DC. This project provides research results on the application in charging plazas of the Droop Rate Control Strategy for active DC grids that can autonomously regulate variable supply (solar energy), demand (cars, lighting) and even storage capacity and grid configuration (Vehicle-to-Grid via ISO). This innovation has great potential for the growth market of large office buildings that want to significantly reduce their carbon footprint by creating EV charging plazas. Indeed, ASR has a dedicated gas-free garage that makes optimal use of green energy. As a result, ASR is already complying with the Paris Proof Commitment and have the BREEAM in-use certificate at an excellent level.

Finally, we learned about MOOI TROEF, a remarkable “Internet-of-Energy” platform that shows how to achieve more value through collaboration. TROEF shows the potential for enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability by incorporating real-time data analytics, predictive control algorithms, and demand response capabilities to help users to understand the optimal time and source the right energy at the right time. Overall, the project demonstrates how smarter choices can help reduce the CO2 footprint, reduce costs, and give users more value on their investment in green energy.

The visit left a lasting impression and highlighted the possibilities for smart grid implementation. Such projects are crucial in driving the transition towards a sustainable and resilient energy future.

More information about the 3 projects can be found here:

SmoothEMS met Gridshield • Projecten • ElaadNL

Homepage – TROEF sharing energy (

Veilig en autonoom regelend PV laadplein met DC-distributie – Topsector Energie

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