February 27, 2017

Spotlight on Smart and Strong Power T&D Infrastructure

This case book, prepared by ISGAN Annex 6 (Power T&D System), is a result of a comprehensive process of surveying, analysing and discussing important achievements in the application of smart grid approaches.

The case book Spotlight on Smart and Strong Power T&D Infrastructure highlights experiences of countries in different parts of the world, as they performed transmission and distribution projects on their electrical systems. The projects illustrate a wide range of applications, solutions, and technologies that were used to meet the challenges that various countries were facing. Many of the projects focused on the need to manage the integration of large amounts of renewable and often intermittent energy sources.

Additional projects will be added progressively in future editions of the case book.

The first edition of the case book was published in 2015. It includes eight cases, based on information collected during 2014 and 2015.

The second edition was published in 2016 and contains an aditional five cases. Case book summaries in Spanish and English are provided for the second edition .


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The International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) creates a mechanism through which stakeholders from around the world can collaborate to accelerate the development and deployment of smarter electric grids.
This report summarizes an international event organized by ISGAN; the National Smart Grid Mission; the Ministry of Power, Government of India; and the Central Power Research Institute, titled “Knowledge Exchange on Distributed Generation, Microgrids, and Smart Metering.” This report describes the programme of events and gives a summary of conclusions from an interactive knowledge exchange workshop and public conference that took place 13-15 November 2017 in Bengaluru, India, with 100 participants of which c. 20 international experts.

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February 28, 2016

Executive Summary of Smart Grid Events in Mexico City 17–19 August 2016

The purpose of this report is to give an account of a collaborative International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) and the 21st Century Power Partnership (21CPP) project focusing on Mexico’s path towards smart grids and grid modernization.

This report describes the programme of events and gives a summary of conclusions from an interactive knowledge exchange workshop and public conference that took place 17–19 August 2016 in Mexico City.

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June 4, 2015

The Role of Smart Grids in Integrating Renewable Energy

Flexible, strong, and smart grids play a crucial role in the integration of variable renewable energy (RE). As high levels of variable RE penetration become increasingly common across power systems, attention to grid operations and planning becomes more important.

Smart grid technologies offer new options for integrating variable RE, yet technology is not the only important area of focus—innovative policy, regulation, and business models are needed to incentivize and implement next-generation grid architectures.

This discussion paper explores the intersection of smart grid technology, policy, and regulation from a non-technical point of view, focusing on some specific questions relevant for decision makers:

• What are the challenges of integrating variable RE into power grids?
• What types of smart grid solutions are emerging to integrate variable RE?
• What are good examples from around the world of smart grids aiding in the integration of variable RE?
• What types of policy and regulatory approaches are emerging to support smart grid solutions in relation to RE?

Based on emerging case studies from around the world, this discussion paper concludes that smart grids offer solutions to various challenges associated with variable RE, including
providing additional flexibility, unlocking demand side participation, and deferring more costly grid upgrades.

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September 7, 2014

Smart Grid Drivers and Technologies by Country, Economies, and Continent

This report summarizes the unified assessment framework used in the 2014 survey, the analysis methodology, and the analysis results of smart grid motivating drivers and technologies at both the national level and multinational level.

Building on the lists of smart grid motivating drivers and technologies that were used for the 2012 survey, the assessment framework in 2014 was developed with slight refinements to reflect review feedback from current ISGAN Participants. The refined framework (i.e., lists of drivers and technologies) was then programmed into an online survey tool for use by each Participant to complete the assessment. Each Participant’s survey results were subjected to a validation process by that country’s national coordinator for Annex 1. A clustering analysis methodology was developed and applied to derive the composite, national-level prioritized assessment results from survey results (those approved through validation, or completed but not yet validated) from multiple respondents for a country. The same methodology was further applied to groups of multiple Participants’ prioritized assessment results to identify motivating drivers and technology priorities at a multinational level. Clustering analysis for the group of all ISGAN Participants, as well as of Participants grouped by economies (developed and developing) and by continent (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America), was conducted; these multinational-level prioritized assessment results are provided herein. Lastly, application of national-level and multinational-level prioritized assessment results for selecting each country’s smart grid projects for the ISGAN Inventory and for further information dissemination via the ISGAN Smart Grid Project Webinar Series is described.

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