Webinar - Approaching 5G-based Edge-Cloud Computing: Fostering the digital transition of the energy industry

February 22, 2024, 14:00 CET - ISGAN Virtual Learning and the Smart5Grid EU project invite you to an insightful webinar on modern digital telecommunication infrastructures for the energy industry

Modern digital telecommunication infrastructures will soon allow to be adjusted to the energy industry needs, providing the opportunity to implement edge computing trough cloud native applications.

To simplify the integration of the 5G digital telco infrastructures’ functionalities, increasing reliability and flexibility and reducing the latency, the Smart5Grid project propose the concept of Network Applications, together with a platform to automatically validate and verify those applications, fostering the creation of a new ecosystem of device virtualization experts.

Further reading: https://smart5grid.eu/dissemination-activities/brochures/

Intended audience

System Operators’ O&M experts, Technology experts and researchers, System integrators, Junior engineers and students, SMEs and technologic start-ups, device manufacturers for power plants automation (production, transmission, distribution)

Key messages

  • 5G offers the opportunity to interact with the Core Network to provide services
  • The complexity of such integration is a barrier, but Smart5Grid project proposes an innovative approach
  • We are able to provide a novel concept of Network Application to simplify the 5G complexity
  • Our set of tools can facilitate the access to this technology, fostering the creation of a new market segment for digital services: they are open for everyone who wants to learn more!

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