Webinar: Local flexibility solutions leveraged by RD&I projects as system stability solutions

The presentation will shortly provide an introduction to flexibility solutions, focused on DSO and demand side innovative service enabling solutions This introduction is followed by the presentation of ATTEST and INTERRFACE as example of RD&I projects where these flexibility solutions are being developed at an European level.

10th Nov 2020 @ 14:00 CEST

Duration: 1 hour

The targeted audience of the webinar is:

The intended audience from in this webinar includes: academy members from the power systems area and industry players also from power systems including TSOs, DSOs, policy makers, regulators, research centers and associations focused in grid management and grid planning.

Key messages:

Flexibility plays a key-role in the decarbonisation of power systems and in increasing the involvement of end-users through the creation of innovative demand-side services.

INTERPRETER will develop an open-source interoperable grid management solution consisting of a set of 10 software applications for an optimal design, planning, operation and maintenance of the electricity grid, with a special focus on the distribution network.

ATTEST aims to develop a secure ICT platform that integrates a set of optimization tools for operating, planning and managing assets of power systems.

INTERRFACE aims to create a common architecture that connects market platforms to establish a seamless pan-European electricity exchange linking wholesale and retail markets and allows all electricity market players to trade and procure energy services in a transparent, non-discriminatory way.

André Guimarães                                                George Boultadakis             Hans Bludszuweit

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